This year, 2017, we are excited to announce some BIG changes that are just around the corner for ANCHOR 13 STUDIO. Anchor 13 Studio is currently in a phase of transition as we navigate how to move from business to nonprofit; and along with that design services will be discontinued and, instead, are selling merchandise, hand made goods, and art where all of the profit goes straight into communities and in the hands of people. We look forward to providing free creative materials and encouraging written content for a greater cause.


ANCHOR 13 STUDIO was founded in 2013 with the mission, “a passion for bringing ideas to life; to create both design and art that can change the world around us, ensuing action or provoking thought upon world exposure.”

In 2015 A13 began to bring a introduce an illustrative undertone and slowly began providing art-prints and hand-bound journals. Yes, the mission that was created in 2013 still rings true; it created the foundation of what was to come in 2017. We are still just as passionate, but our passion is directed into bringing The Good News, a message, that the world needs. We still very much aim to stir the thoughts of people and help propel them into positive actions with a hope for the future ahead of them.

As you can see, A13 began as a graphic and website design freelance business. During the last five years, we have helped many small businesses and large organisations build strong brand identities as well as created core marketing pieces for these companies. In this, we learned about how important it is to collaborate, network, and work with other organisations and companies that share a similar goal.