Creating has always been at the very foundation of my being. I’ve always been a dreamer, an explorer, and very adventurous. I tend to have a big heart for broken things, lost things, and abandoned things. My heart’s desire is to create for a cause. My purpose is to carry hope, grace, and love in the places where the broken, lost, and abandoned find themselves. Places where I once was found.

A lot of what inspired the studio’s transition has derived from a nudge that had prompted me to bring what I used to hide in the shadows (my art, writing, and speaking) into the light. Or, here’s another way of describing it – I am now bringing out my gifts (to give as gifts!) which was once on the sidelines into the game.

A13 tends to evolve as I discover more and more of who I am, what I am made to do, and where I am meant to go. It is time to step out from behind the computer screen more often and venture into the world, sharing all that I have to share. I am excited to partake in this journey with you (if you’ve read this far, you must be somewhat invested in this adventure!) and I very much look forward to what lies ahead.

Portrait photography by Tracy Jean Photography.